Aug 19- Sept 7, 2018

AG Innovation Executive Education Program 

3 weeks in Brazil, Silicon Valley, and Denmark with only 22 smart executives, growers, entrepreneurs & chefs!

Something's wrong:  There are 1B malnourished people -and- 1B obese people on our planet. 

Learn about Crop Productivity, Water Issues, Supply Chain & Logistics, Food Loss & Waste

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    Michelle E. Messina is CEO of the international consulting and advisory firm, Explora International LLC.  She is a serial entrepreneur and consultant, and a trainer on the topics of innovation, business acceleration, market readiness, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

    Michelle has worked with 1000's of startup entrepreneurs and leverages a strong revenue, marketing, and operations background to help them develop viable growth and expansion strategies.   

    In government policy and strategy work, Michelle brings the best practices of Silicon Valley to regions around the world to ensure sustainable and vibrant ecosystems.  She has been actively involved with  foreign direct investment projects, country positioning and branding, economic development and job creation programs, in addition to connecting global partners for trade and investment purposes.

    Michelle is a well-traveled and sought after speaker on business acceleration programs, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology commercialization, Silicon Valley best practices for creating and growing companies, sustainable ecosystems, and market readiness. She is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider's Guide with Jonathan C. Baer, expected February, 2016.

    Her speeches, in English and Spanish, include dozens of international conferences, forum and events throughout the world:

    • Mexico:  Keynote at the MULUC Conference, September 2016
    • China:  Workshop and Keynotes in Beijing, August 2015
    • Jordan:  Workshops and Keynotes In Amman, April 2015
    • Korea:  Keynote Seoul National University "Silicon Valley Growth Strategies"  October 2013
    • Mauritius:  Keynote International ICT-BPO Investment Forum  “Growth Opportunities for Emerging Nations” Jun 2013
    • Brazil:  Federal University of Uberlândia,  May 2013
    • Saudi Arabia:  Global Women’s Initiative US State Department keynotes throughout the Kingdom, January 2013
    • Tunisia: ATIC Tunisian Venture Capital Association Portfolio Management Best Practices”; Nov 2012
    • Russian Federation:  US-Russian Bilateral Presidential Commission on Innovation, Moscow May, 2012
    • Jamaica:  Keynote Caribbean BETA Conference,  “Successful Supporting Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs”; November 2011
    • Norway:  Keynote Norwegian Investment Forum, “Cross Border Investment Trends”; October, 2011
    • Slovenia:  Keynote PODIM International Conference on Entrepreneurship & Innovation Maribor, Slovenia. “The Entrepreneurial Mindset”; April 2011
    • Colombia:  Keynote Women in Business Forum "Choose" April 2010
    • Peru:  Keynote Universidad Privada del Norte, “Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs”; April 2010 


    "Michelle Messina was, without question, the talk of our first annual tech entrepreneurship conference - Caribbean BETA in Jamaica. She spoke to the heads and hearts of the 230 current and aspiring tech entrepreneurs and it showed that her words resonated ---flocked and questioned by attendees and given the most kudos of the event. We were lucky to have her."   Ingrid Riley, Co-founder ConnectiMass and Host, Caribbean BETA