Aug 19- Sept 7, 2018

AG Innovation Executive Education Program 

3 weeks in Brazil, Silicon Valley, and Denmark with only 22 smart executives, growers, entrepreneurs & chefs!

Something's wrong:  There are 1B malnourished people -and- 1B obese people on our planet. 

Learn about Crop Productivity, Water Issues, Supply Chain & Logistics, Food Loss & Waste

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    Leverage the best practices of Silicon Valley with programs in your region or Silicon Valley.  

    If you are a Female Founder, please join us Feb 15-22, 2016 in Silicon Valley for a 2 week Acceleration Program.  

    Here are some of the things we're really good at.

    Workshops, Training Courses and Boot Camps:  We like to highlight Silicon Valley’s best practices for creating and growing companies and generally deliver our programs in your country.  We have a number of different workshop programs, including Silicon Valley Experience and Fundraising Silicon Valley Style, each designed to help entrepreneurs get ready for the next steps in their growth and expansion or for investors to improve their porfolio management.  Other program topics include:

    ·         Transitioning from Engineer to Evangelist
    ·         Portfolio Management Best Practices for Non-US Investors
    ·         Practical and Tactical of US Market Entry
    ·         Securing US Seed Customers
    ·         Great Company Series
    ·         Presentation Strategies + Coaching and Rehearsals

    Professional Study Programs that Connect you with Silicon Valley: We have a deep network of customer, partner, investor and service provider contacts in Silicon Valley.  These experts, thought leaders, buyers, innovation scouts, and active investors help make the Silicon Valley ecosystem vibrant and sustainable.  And we can connect you to them!  Our Study Programs are generally all-inclusive with full agenda, local transportation, accomodations, meals and more.

    Check out this 2 minute video about the program we created for Google here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pdyIDil65k&feature=youtu.be.  

    A sampling of our programs include:

    ·         2-30 day programs for companies that want to understand Silicon Valley and connect to the market
    ·         Highly targeted, tailored programs that connect your company with a specific demographic including partners, customers, advisors and investors
    ·         1-2 week programs organized for startups
    ·         Youth entrepreneurship camps during the summer months
    ·         Innovation Tour in summer months of each year
    ·         Regular week-long programs held in Spring & Fall and connected to a major tech conference such as DEMO Spring or Fall

    Market Entry Strategy & Execution:  Our senior level expertise is designed to help a company avoid mistakes, delays, and bad decisions in their expansion phase.  Since we’re based in Silicon Valley and work with startups all over the world, we understand the best practices for creating and growing companies, identifying strategic markets and growth opportunities.  We have assessed and scored hundreds of technology startups and listened to many, many company pitches.  So we understand what prospective investors and customers want to hear and how to present information in a compelling manner. Some of the ways we serve companies:

    ·         Company benchmarking, assessments, and scorecards
    ·         Gap identification
    ·         Market validation meetings and interviews
    ·         90-day work plan creation and execution
    ·         Interim management roles
    ·         Fund-raising strategy
    ·         Pitch and presentation coaching for customer and investor meetings

    You may have other ideas and needs, so please contact us:

    Michelle E. Messina, CEO


    Skype : michellemessina 

    Mobile: +1 408.981.4801