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 Here's What Our Clients, Partners and Workshop Attendees Say:

"This entrepreneur training program was interesting and very helpful.  Jon was very clear and straightforward about what is lacking, what are the main concerns we should have. Michelle was very creative about new things you could try and has many ideas." -- Latin American entrepreneur & workshop attendee

 "Michelle Messina was, without question, the talk of our first annual tech entrepreneurship conference - Caribbean BETA in Jamaica (Nov 2011). It was kinda fitting that she was the very first keynote speaker opening with the topic “The Entrepreneurial Mindset. What does it take?”  She spoke to the heads and hearts of the 230 current and aspiring tech entrepreneurs and it showed that her words resonated -flocked and questioned by attendees and given the most kudos of the event. We were lucky to have had her."   Ingrid Riley, Co-founder ConnectiMass and Host, Caribbean BETA


"Michelle is passionate about what she does, an excellent presenter, and knowledgeable about a wide range of topics related to business and entrepreneurship. If I were an international executive, I couldn't imagine trying to penetrate the U.S. market without Michelle's help." Ben Casnocha, Author, Book: "My Start-Up Life"


 "Michelle blends a wealth of international business experience, technology and people skills together like a wise business diplomat. If you are looking for a strategic leader to assess and drive your international trade and development, you would be fortunate to have Michelle on your team." Tim Warren, CEO Adventure Business Travel


Explora brings a wealth of experience in helping companies of all sizes kick start, revitalize or amplify their marketing efforts both in the U.S. and abroad.” Carmen Hughes, Ignite Public Relations

"I highly recommend Michelle to any company looking for marketing and business strategy help in the US. She's tireless and is constantly delivering the goods, even while she travels all over the world."  Matt Perez, CEO, Nearsoft, Inc.

"Michelle has an ability to listen to what a client needs and design a set of services which are unique, innovative, and which provide real value."  --Jon Baer, Threshold Ventures 


"Michelle has great insights in what are effective business practices for small and growing firms." Pratap Dhopte, Owner, Excelize Inc.

"...highly effective throughout the world."
Bill Musgrave, Former President & CEO, The Enterprise Network

….delivers great value to clients.” John Gale, President, Taligo LLC

"The event was excellent. The quality and the level of the speakers, and the content and organization, were all impeccable. I feel that many businesspeople should take advantage of this opportunity."Molly Pollack, Executive Director, Chile Global,



"As Program Manager for The University for Texas at Austin - IC2 Institute, Michelle was hired to help select commercially interesting innovations for a new High Tech Incubator in Budapest. Michelle delivered a workshop for the selected would-be entrepreneurs on how to market their innovations. Feedback from the workshop was clear: Még Egynéhány Kérem !! (We want more please!!). It would be a great pleasure to work with Michelle again. I highly recommend Michelle's work.”  --Dwight Flinkerbusch, Explora Client


"The workshop was very interactive, stimulating, and applicable to many other markets. More than a regular seminar, Michelle has mastered the ability to relate with her audience on a one-to-one basis. Our members were thrilled!"--Federico Cartín Arteaga, Executive Director, CAMTIC Costa Rica,

"With your professionalism, excellent presentation and a full-house, the workshop was truly a successful event."  --Phebe Kuan, Board Member, Chinese Information & Networking Association


 "Michelle and her associate gave the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and 15 Spanish technology companies, a 4-hour course on understanding the American Market and venture capital. It was the perfect introduction to our trade mission---practical, based on experience, very well-presented, and supported by excellent documentation. We recommend it to companies trying to sell or establish themselves in the US market."---Eva Perea, International Promotion, Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona,


"As a Chinese engineer building and operating a software business in the U.S. market, Michelle's expertise and understanding of the U.S. market, has been invaluable. As a board advisor and marketing consultant, Michelle is personable, possesses strong marketing expertise and a keen understanding of the pains technology startups experience. She has been an asset to my company."  --John Mao, Ph.D, COO, ehub Software

"Michelle was able to work with our most senior executives to significantly focus and improve their messages and presentations, even when they didn't think they needed help. Her flexibility and professionalism were remarkable given the last-minute requests we placed on her--Incredible team player!"--Dr. Karie Willyerd, Vice President, Solectron,