Explora International is an international consulting and advisory firm headquartered in Silicon Valley.  We provide revenue-focused consulting services to companies in growth mode and foreign direct investment strategy expertise to governments and innovation ecosystems. 

During the past 6 years, we have worked with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs, from over 25 countries, optimizing their expansion success and market traction.  We provide guidance and expertise focused on how they will grow their revenue, deliver expert training and pitch coaching, and offer cogent suggestions and sagious advice.  And all through the process, we help entrepreneurs bypass the ever present pot holes found on the startup road.    

Our experiential education programs, Silicon Valley Professional Study Tours™, provide entrepreneurs, government leaders, journalists and students with a comprehensive connection to and understanding of, the key themes and issues of today’s global economy.  We have served delegations from Mexico, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Armenia, Russia, Poland, Peru, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Korea, Holland and many more.