Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 12:46PM
Michelle Messina

Oct 14, 2012:  Silicon Valley is one of the most impressive innovation ecosystems in the world, a unique configuration of investment capital, supporting partners, and customer opportunities overlaying a distinctive culture of success and societal norms, known as the Silicon Valley State of Mind.   Some important tenets of the valley include the attitude towards risk and failure, the celebration of cultural diversity driven by immigrant entrepreneurs, a priority placed on execution over idea, and the tendency to think big and be global from day one.

Representatives from hundreds of cities and regions around the world, along with many international journalists, have visited and closely studied the Silicon Valley ecosystem.  Rather than adopting every Silicon Valley best practice, Israel and Singapore have successfully adapted them to their culture, existing ecosystem components and business style.  Israel has the highest R&D spending, relative to GDP, of any country in the world and is attracting US venture firms with billions of dollars to invest.  Singapore, a premier financial hub of Asia, has a large supply of skilled labor that embraces next-generation technology faster than much of the world. Singapore was also just ranked the most innovative country in Asia and continues to churn out thousands of new startups every month.

Join us for a 2-week Study Program, June 22- July 7, 2013, as we visit Silicon Valley, Singapore and Israel, three of world’s most innovative ecosystems.  Each region is creating sustainable companies and acting as vibrant economic engines for growth and innovation in the world.   We will meet business and government leaders, key influencers, academics, thought leaders, investors and entrepreneurs, attend events, and participate in roundtable discussions and working sessions.  This program is not theoretical.  We will meet with practitioners to discuss their advice and guidance, guerilla tactics and their ‘street level view’ of their ecosystem.  Every organization we meet will be encouraged to include entrepreneurs and startup teams in our discussions.   This educational program begins in Silicon Valley, moves to Singapore and concludes in Tel Aviv, Israel with a Wrap up, Planning and Implementation Session.  There are only 14 slots available and the entire 2+ weeks promises to be a rich and rewarding learning experience.  

Article originally appeared on Explora International (http://www.explorainternational.com/).
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