Aug 19- Sept 7, 2018

AG Innovation Executive Education Program 

3 weeks in Brazil, Silicon Valley, and Denmark with only 22 smart executives, growers, entrepreneurs & chefs!

Something's wrong:  There are 1B malnourished people -and- 1B obese people on our planet. 

Learn about Crop Productivity, Water Issues, Supply Chain & Logistics, Food Loss & Waste

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    Decoding Silicon Valley

    Best Practices You Can Leverage NOW

    Explora International is an international training and consulting firm committed to helping you understand and leverage the best of Silicon Valley.  We work with corporations, governments, and real estate developers, as well as early stage companies and universities, sorting through complex issues and questions, assessing options, and crafting a way forward within a business, a region, or a country. 

    • Startups and corporations leverage our strong revenue generation expertise to develop viable growth, expansion and transition strategies. 
    • Governments and real estate developers rely upon us to help build stronger ecosystems and startup business acceleration programs, and to jumpstart foreign direct investment activities by connecting them with the right partners for trade and investment purposes. 
    • Universities trust us to create tailored Professional Study and Experiential Education Programs, for students and faculty, focusing on the inspiration and best practices of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    We’re straight forward, skilled professionals with lots of experience accompanied by a side order of tough love.  Our clients think of their experience with us as an accelerated learning engagement that fast tracks their targeted results.  

    Watch a 2 minute video about the exciting program we created for Google and top Korean startups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMz1qfAyt6

    Let us know if you would like to discuss some ideas and programs.  

    Business executives participating in a Silicon Valley Study Program. "It was amazing and so informative." "I now understand how my company can be successful here!"

    University students on a Silicon Valley Study Program. "Very inspirational. So Cool! I didn't want to leave!"